Find OM Mantra Meditation Techniques and Their Benefits 

Meditation is a journey of self-discovery. OM mantra meditation can be accessible to people belonging to all backgrounds and can be done without any rituals. 

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There are different ways of OM mantra meditation which can help calm your body and soul

om mantra

Meditating Loudly

In this way you chant OM loudly. This meditation will give you peace, calmness and tranquility.

By chanting OM loudly you create vibrations which connect you to your spirituality. Chanting loudly purifies your ambiance and increases positive vibes around you.

To chant loudly follow few steps:-

  •  Set a particular time of the day. Typically chanting early morning gives you best result but it is not compulsory.  You can chant whenever you feel relaxed.
  •  Set the total time you wish to chant. It can be anything 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins or 20 mins.
  •  Choose a clean calm place, where you can chant comfortably without any disturbances.
  •  Relax and try to feel the vibrations you create while chanting. The more relaxed you will be the better.
  •  While chanting OM loudly try to take the sound out of your navel and gradually upwards towards your nostrils. 

Meditating Silently

Silent meditation is considered to be the most effective way of meditation.

By silent meditation you will connect to your spiritual side quickly and efficiently.

Things to keep in mind are:-

  •  By chanting silently you can meditate anywhere and anytime. 
  •  Chant as long as you want. For example you can chant for 5 minutes during your lunch break.
  •  You can do with or without any lip movements depending on the kind of situation you are in.

Chanting OM in a group

This method of chanting has become popular in recent times. Currently there are more than 500 chanting groups around the world.

Many Yoga classes chant OM before and after each session. There are many workshops, where a group meditates together. 

Do OM mantra meditation for your well being by following any ways you are comfortable with. 

It is very difficult to understand AUM completely. Many great scholars describe the physical state as one fuel stick and the syllable AUM the second fuel stick. 

With discipline and meditation and diligent rubbing of both the sticks you will unlock the concealed fire of inner thought and self-awareness. 

With this inner thought you will realize the reason of existence, the meaning and purpose of atman and the God within self.

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