Know how Om Mantra Chants Work on The Soul, Body and Life

In Hindu religion the most important symbol is Om Mantra. Many mantras start and end with it. 


It is a symbol that is found in many ancient Hindu texts, for example the first line in Rig Veda consists of ‘Om.’ The most powerful Hindu Mantra, the Gayathri Mantra, starts with it. 

According to Katho Upanishad anyone who understands this syllable, understands the entire universe and will get what he desires. 

Om as a symbol is not just limited to Hinduism, its references and importance is found in other religions like, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism too.

Importance of OM (AUM):

As per Mandukya Upanishad, AUM signifies the entire universe and its existence.

There are many explanations and theories on its meaning and importance. 

AUM signifies time

According to Upanishads OM Mantra not only signifies three fold of time, the past, present and the future but also the fourth fold of time.

This fourth fold of time is that which transcends time.

It signifies all state of consciousness

It defines all state of consciousness i.e. A-Awake, U- dream and M-deep sleep and also the fourth state of ek atma.

This fourth state is without an element and describes oneness with self.

It signifies all state of Atman

AUM summarizes four states of self that is A-Atman seeking the physical form, U-Atman seeking the inner self, M-Atman seeking the spiritual consciousness.

The fourth state is the eternal state where in you realize the oneness with self.

It signifies all knowledge

The first element ‘A’ represents obtaining or reaching, the second element ‘U’ represents exaltation or intermediateness and the third element represents constructing or erecting.

The fourth is without an element, without any development and is beyond the entire expanse of the universe.

So Let us Know how Om Mantra Chants Work on the Body

The “AUM” word is a transitory arrangement where the starting part “aauu” starts working in the lower abdomen and chest which further elevates to the thoracic region during the transition to “uuu” and finally the “mmm” further raises this energy to the nasal region and the cranial part of the body. 

Person chanting ॐ can feel the transitory rise of energy from their navel region to the nasal region.

Regular Reciting of this Mantra creates vibrations in the head and crown region of the body and is considered an important chant in Chakra healing as it targets and cleanses the 6thchakra (between the eyebrows) and the 7th chakra (in the crown region).

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