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We are happy to inform you that our most sought after Puja/ Anusthan & Mantra Chanting services are now available online. 

Our expert Vedic scholars & Karmakandi priests will perform Vedic Pujas and do Mantra chanting on your behalf.

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"Vedic Poojas are not everyone’s cup of tea and people encounter various problems while performing by themselves."

You might think –“Why is the necessity to hire a priest for the Anusthan & Mantra chanting services”. Isn’t it?

There can be many problems if you are thinking of doing it on your own.

Lack of Vedic Knowledge

First of all the knowledge of Vedic rituals is scarce and only a qualified and well trained Vedic scholar would know about it. Even if you have some knowledge of it, you might get confused in its sequencing. 

Remember, Vedic rites are sacred and cannot be jumbled up and any mistakes done during these rituals would totally make your efforts go in vain.

Problems in Mantra Chanting

Now, you might be aware that almost all the Vedic Mantras are in Sanskrit language. So, will it be possible for you to chant them in the correct voice modulation?

Will you be able to spell it properly? Even the correct pronunciation of these sacred syllables is quite difficult. 

Metering is yet another problem in Mantra chanting which is difficult to attain by a normal person. It is a process of creating stress on some syllables and loosening it on others.

Without proper metering any mantra would become like a prose or a statement and would finally render it ineffective.

It must be noted here that mantras work with the frequency of the syllables. Until & unless, your voice modulation is not correct, you won’t be able to create the specific frequency during the chanting process. Some of the seed Mantras are so powerful that it can create additional problems if not chanted correctly.

You might have heard of many different cases where the person doing the mantra chanting didn’t get results even after doing all the rituals properly. But did you know the reason, why?

Of course- The Mantras were not chanted correctly in most of the cases.

Finding A Trained Priest is Difficult

Even to find a trained priest for your Mantra chanting, Puja, Yajna & Anusthan is tiresome, especially if you are residing in some Western countries.

Now let’s assume that you know about some well qualified priest. Then will you be able to arrange all the Puja samagris and other related stuffs for your Pujas?

So, it’s all a very cumbersome process. This makes our service even more demanding to the non- residential clients.

We have everything set in place and will arrange for everything for you. Mantra chanting and Vedic Pujas are extremely powerful and should be done by a trained Vedic scholar. By opting for our services, you can expect guaranteed results. 

Want to take part in your entire Pooja ceremony?
Or Do you parallely want to do Rituals and Puja with the priests?

Don’t worry!! 

We are happy to inform you that we have glitch free technical services in place where you can connect to us in a jiffy. You can view the entire ceremony through our Skype service.

So, now experience the spirituality of the Puja at the comfort of your home. Once you place the order, we will provide you with the unique Id to connect to us. We guarantee you the best digital experience.

"A One Stop Spiritual Solution” for all your problems

We have a team of Vedic Priests and Astrologers who will be performing Pujas on your behalf. If you wish, you can also take part in the puja through our Skype chat services. 

You simply need to explain us your problems and your desires; our priest will take care of the rest. We have a big casket of different Poojas for your every problem. So once you order, you can sit back and relax.

Constituents of the Vedic Rituals & Mantra Chanting

Generally, the method of Mantra chanting is called as “Pancha Sutra Anusthan” (involving five elements). The details of the rituals are: 

  • Online Sankalp
  • Invoking Lord Ganesh
  • Invoking the Deity related to the Mantra
  • 125000 counts of Mantra by a Vedic Priest within 7/11 days
  • Performing Abhishekam & Archanam  
  • Offering Yajna/ Homam for the lord
  • Doing Marjan/Tarpan
  • Performing the Aarti for the Deity
  • Offering Food to The Priest
  • Doing charities in your name

We also Provide These Services 

  • All kind of Pujas
  • All kind of Mantra Chanting and Anushthan 
  • Know about planetary doshas
  • astrological Reports 
  • Planetary Remedies 

Benefits of our Services

  • Online Booking Available
  • Peer to Peer Service Available
  • You can now participate in rituals, pooja & Homam process through Skype & Google Duo
  • Complete Recording of the Rituals
  • Hassle Free & Transparent Services
  • Round the Clock Assistance
  • Authentic Services Coupled with Efficiency
  • Easier & Faster manifestation of rituals
  • Real time updates available.

About our Priest

Milan ji

Dr. Milan Kumar (Shastriji) is one of the most renowned Astrologers in India. He has completed his PhD in Astrology in 2019 and has been acknowledged as the “Jyotish Ratna” in 2017. He completed his entire spiritual journey under the able guidance of his father, Shastri Lala Maharaaj.

He grew up in a Brahmin family which made him a great scholar all the Vedic scriptures. He is also a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva and usually performs sadhna during his free time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Mantras really work?

Mantras are a set of powerful syllables which when chanted creates a particular frequency which is used to propitiate Gods & Goddesses. Even the strongest planetary doshas get weeded out due to its powerful vibrations.

These vibrations are so powerful that it can bring about a change in emotional and physical aspects of a person. So of course, it works; but the Mantra chanting and Vedic rituals should be done correctly.

Can Mantras backfire? 

Yes, there are many instances to it where the Mantras backfired and created further problems to the devotee. This is usually the case when a devotee performs the entire Puja and Mantra chanting without proper knowledge.

But our Pandits(Priests) are expert enough to handle such cases. Even if it backfires, you won’t be at risk. So, it’s always recommended to hire a knowledgeable Vedic priest for your services.

How fast can we see the results of the Puja?

We usually guarantee faster results for our every service. But its all in God hands.

You can see the changes within a period of 45 days, but the complete manifestation of the Mantras may take up to 90 days.

There can be chances that the results might get delayed due to some doshas in your astrological chart. So, it’s always recommended to get your astrological charts analysed at priority to get maximum benefits.

How many days will it take to complete the Puja?

We usually try to complete the Puja in a span of 7 or 11 days depending upon the number of Mantras to be chanted.

Why book with us?

We have been catering to our clients with utmost dedication and full satisfaction for past many years. We have a team of Karmakandi Priests and expert Astrologers who are committed to provide you with guaranteed results.

Further, helping you to participate in your Puja through Skype services makes us stand authentic and most reliable among our peers.

How Should I book my Puja?

You simply need to fill below form. Put in your details and explain your problems in detail.

Then our priests analysis and search most effective remedies for you. We will email you all details about Puja services and payment link with affordable prices.   

Finally make the payments through our different payment options.

What are the Payment options?

We have many payment facilities in place like debit card, credit card and pay-pal. All the transactions are secure and are done within seconds. 

Will my Puja be confidential?

We guarantee complete privacy of your personal details and do not share it with others. So, you can put your trust in us and book your Puja without hesitation.

Can I customise my Puja?

Yes, you can customise your Puja as per your requirements. You can get in touch with us and we will finally make the Puja order as per your requirements. Charges may vary accordingly.

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