Powerful Rahu Beej Mantras to Appease Rahu Deva


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Rahu Beej Mantras

Mantra - 1

ॐ   भ्रां  भ्रीं  भ्रौं  सः  राहवे  नमः 

Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum Sah Rahave Namah

Mantra - 2

ॐ  राम   राहवे  नमः 

Om Ram Rahave Namah

Mantra - 3

ॐ  ऐं  ह्रीं  राहवे  नमः 

Om Aim Hreem Rahave Namah

(Chant any of the above mantras as per your convenience)

Benefits of Chanting

  • Chanting of Rahu beej mantras can help you win over your enemies. 
  • If you’re struggling with your career due to an unfavourable Rahu, start chanting the mantras right away. 
  • Sudden financial losses and roaring expenses can be easily controlled by chanting of these mantras.
  • If you have a feeling of bad energy or you are suffering from hexes, chanting can be extremely good. It acts as a shield against negative energies.
  • Politicians, business magnate, film artists should chant daily to reap great results. All the media personalities should also chant the mantras for an exceptional career in the glam industry. Remember, Rahu is a planet of masses.
  • Sudden accidents and unfortunate events can be avoided if you chant the Rahu beej mantras daily.
  • Are you unable to end your drug addiction? Start chanting to control all your evil habits.
  • Rahu represents past life. If you have a notion of bad doings in your past life, then chanting can help you wipe away your sins.
  • They are quite beneficial when you are running under the period of Rahu Mahadasha & Antardasha. Badly placed Rahu can be easily pacified with chanting.
  • Rahu represents struggles, failures and erratic events in your life. Chanting of these mantras can simply put an end to all of your problems.

How to Chant?

  • The best time to start the chanting is on Saturday.
  • First of all, get yourself fully cleaned by taking a bath. Wear blue or brown clothes as these two colours represent Rahu.
  • Face South-West at the place of your chanting and place Rahu image just in front of yourself. Try keeping the image on a pooja table covered with blue or brown cloth.
  • Now offer blue flowers and black til as naivedya to Rahu Deva. Light incense sticks with great fragrance. Burn a lamp made of til oil.
  • You should chant the mantras during the Rahu-kala period of the day. If possible, you can chant during the night.
  • Sit on a blue or brown pooja mat while doing chanting.
  • You should chant at least 72000 counts to propitiate Rahu Deva, that too in a span of 41 days. It is advisable to count 125000 mantras for increasing the power.
  • After completing the mantra sadhna, perform the sacred fire ritual (Homam).
  • Make charitable donations to the poor and the needy.

Note: You should practice celibacy and avoid alcohol, non-veg foods, liquor during the entire mantra sadhna.

Although Rahu Deva has been seen as a malefic planet in Astrology, but it has extreme cosmic powers to provide you with all the materialistic comforts in your life. So, start chanting the Rahu beej mantras to gain his blessings. 

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