Know What Rahu Graha do for You – The Favorable Effects

Rahu Graha being one of the nine planets according to Vedic astrology is not a planet actually but a Chhaya Grah (shadow planet) and is sometimes known as the south node and north node of the 

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Lord Rahu

There can be a lot of problems caused due of its malefic effects such as loss of health, loss of money, no peace in the house, obstructions in career and marriage etc. 

He negatively placed in one’s horoscope may also lead a person to be a drug addict or a murderer. Bad Rahu may cause a hell lot of problem in one’s 

Favorable Effects of Rahu Graha (Planet )

But very few people know that He is the modern hero of today’s world. He is known to amplify things where it sits. 

  •  A strong and favorable Rahu can get you massive name and fame in life. People like Mukesh Ambani and Salman Khan has strong & positive Rahu in their charts and has made them billionaires. 
  •  A powerful Rahu placed in 10th and 11th house of your horoscope can lead a person to a galactic rise in the field of politics. 
  • When he place in 3rd house and 5th house in native’s horoscope and expected or being conjunct with Venus can powerfully lead your career in movies and theaters. 
  • So it becomes really important to have a positive Rahu by your side by chanting his Mantras
  • It is very beneficial and helps you to turn your enemies to be your friend.
  • It is often said that when Rahu gives, he gives in huge amount. 
  •  He also helps to build up one’s inner strength and make your strongest enemy your best We earlier discuss two of the most powerful Mantras which can help you reduce negativity and make you escalate to great.

Remedies of Rahu Graha

  •  You should not eat non-vegetarian on Saturday as this is the day for him. 
  •  You should pray to lord Shiva with ghee and milk as it is the lord and the master of him. 
  •  You can perform the Rahu shanti puja at certain temples where it is performed or it can even be done in home. 
  •  Try to feed stray dogs and lepers.
  •  Feeding of black ants also helps pacify his bad effects.

Chanting Rahu Mantras gives the positive results in an individual life. Chanting at night gives the best result and these also helps in gaining glamorous life. 

He is also said to be as the shadow planet so bad and ill-placed may create trouble but once paid reverence through Mantra chanting, he can give us all the materialistic comforts in our life.

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