The Pros & Cons of Rahu in 2nd house

Rahu is termed as a shadowy planet in astrology and has earned a bad reputation among the Navgrahas. Being a head without a body, he is always dissatisfied with the matters of the houses, wherever he sits.

This tendency of discontentment makes him crave for the worldly desires and materialistic comforts. He wants to be beautiful like Venus, knowledgeable like Jupiter, intellectual like Mars and kingly like Sun.

This attitude of being the best among the crowd makes him ostentatious. In a birth chart, wherever Rahu sits, he will amplify the qualities of that house.

The matters of that house become the primary objective for the native.

Rahu in 2nd House

So, do you have your Rahu placed in the 2nd house? 

If yes, then continue with this post. In this article, we will talk about the effects of Rahu in 2nd house of the birth chart? 

But before jumping into the effects, we must understand the significance of 2nd house in Vedic Astrology.

Significance of 2nd house

This house of birth chart represents wealth, family, family values and lineage. It represents our hoarded wealth individually or by our family. Any precious and prized possessions which a native has or has a desire to gain in his lifetime is represented by 2nd house.

Besides, it also shows our food habits and our addictions. As this is 2nd to the ascendant house, it shows our upbringing during the early childhood. In astrology, this house rules our eyes and face.

The condition of 2nd house in combination with other houses shows whether business or job will be suitable for the native and how much wealth he will be acquiring in his lifetime.

Astrologically, this house is considered as Maraka Sthan or a death inflicting house as it causes trouble for the natives due to his desire to earn money and pressures from the family.

It is a natural place for planet Venus and Jupiter becomes the significator (karaka) of this house.

Role of Rahu in 2nd house

Rahu in 2nd house will make the native to be obsessed with wealth accumulation. Earning of money and saving it will become his prime objective in life.

Rahu being an illusionist will be a show off to his peers and will boast of his assets and his family heritage. He will try to have all the materialistic comforts and luxuries in life.

He will blow his own trumpets and will try to impress the people around. Being an intrinsic malefic planet, he may also get involved in earning wealth through anti-social means. People having this placement are sometimes seen to get involved in underworld activities.

If Rahu in 2nd house is placed in Taurus and Gemini zodiacs, then the native earns a lot in his lifetime. Sometimes, this placement has made people go from beneath to the zenith in their life.

People with this placement have a great taste for exotic foods and are epicures. They have a good family relationship and come off from a well-disposed family. Even if they are financially weak during their first half of their life, this exalted placement of Rahu can make them reach to the top of the society.

A malefic Rahu placed in the 2nd house may bring about financial disturbance in a person’s life and he is unable to find a steady source of income. Even if the native comes from a rich family, this placement may tend the native to squander away the accumulated wealth.

People with a badly placed Rahu in 2nd house will have regular quarrels within his family and he may resort to alcohols and drugs. The native has weak eyesight and has some problems related to teeth and face.

It can also create obstructions in marriage. A native faces a tough childhood due to this placement.

Rahu’s Aspect from 2nd house

Like Jupiter, Rahu also has three aspects accredited to himself i.e. the 5th aspect, the 7th aspect & the 9th aspect.

These aspects make him influence three more houses other than his placement. So, let us know the aspects of Rahu, when being placed in the 2nd house.

Rahu’s 5th Aspect

From the 2nd house, Rahu aspects the 6th house of the birth chart. The 6th house in astrology represents diseases, debts and enemies in the birth chart.

Due to this aspect, a native having a bad Rahu can see himself getting into huge debts during Rahu’s Mahadasha and Antardasha. He may get inflicted with diseases like ulcers and lung infections. It causes the native to have secret enemies who are always ready to backstab him.

As 6th house represents court cases and litigations, it may make the native to get involved in legal cases. This placement can also create problems in his work environment among his fellow co-workers or subordinates.

Rahu’s 7th Aspect

The 7th aspect of Rahu from the 2nd house falls into the 8th house. 8th house stands for sexual relationship, inheritance and longevity.

It is the house of occults and sudden transformations. This placement can cause the native to have too much sexual energy and a person may become a womaniser, if there are no benefic aspects on the 8th house.

He will have troubles with his wife and her family. If the 7th house is damaged, then this placement can also lead to a marital discord. On the flip side, a benefic Rahu can make a person move into the occults and learn astrology and other secretive knowledge.

Rahu’s 9th Aspect

The 9th aspect of Rahu falls onto the 10th house which represents career and profession in Astrology. A benefic Rahu can make the native to ascend to the top in his career. He will have all the name and fame in the society.

People with this placement are often seen to venture into politics and businesses. If the Rahu is malefic, then the career of the native will be unstable and he will face frequent problems in his career.

Rahu in 2nd house : Good or Bad?

An exalted Rahu in 2nd house is simply superb for earning wealth. People with this placement are destined to be rich in their lifetime. This placement causes the native to get sudden money out of inheritance.

Besides, native can enjoy huge mass support, name and fame in his career. The native has the ability to beat out everybody in the competition.

On the contrary, a badly placed especially in the 2nd house cam make the native poor and he may not get a constant source of income. The native may lose away his wealth due to his obsessive attitude.

So, Rahu in 2nd house can be an excellent position, if exalted. But other combination in the chart has to be seen to come to a proper conclusion.

Remedies for bad Rahu in 2nd house

  • Chant the Beej Mantras.
  • Worshipping Maha Kali is very beneficial.
  • Offer food to your ancestors.
  • Remove all bad electrical appliances from your home.
  • Feed birds with grains.

Although, Rahu is a malefic planet, but a favourable placement in 2nd house can bestow the native with immense wealth and luxuries. 

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