Know How Rahu Mahadasha Can Trun Your Life- Good or Bad 

The most dreaded time among the believers of astrology is the 18 years period of Rahu commonly known as –Rahu Mahadasha. 

He has earned a bad reputation in the astrology arena and his Mahadasha is linked with struggles, sorrows, pains and disappointments in a native’s life, but this is not always true.

The results of Rahu dasha depends upon his condition in one’s horoscope and the bhukti (Antardasha) of the planet which is running.

So, if you want to know as how your Rahu Dasha will work out, continue reading this article.

rahu mahadasa

Symptoms of Rahu Mahadasha (Rahu Transit)

For people who don’t have their horoscopes, they can contemplate on the questions given below:

Have you been going through a sudden turn in your life, good or bad?

Are you witnessing a downfall in your career with dwindling finances?

Have you gone under depression?

Are you suffering from a physical ailment for a long time? 

There can be n number of symptoms which can be attributed to Rahu Mahadasha. But, if your answers to most of the questions are “Yes”, then it is quite probabilistic that your Rahu Transit is the real culprit behind it.

But sometimes it can be a boon for the natives who have excellent placements of Rahu in their horoscopes. People have witnessed humongous rise in their wealth and position during this period.

This article will outline both the bad and good effects of Rahu Mahadasha under different Bhukti. But let us first understand about what Rahu signifies.

Rahu in Mythology

According to Hindu mythology, Rahu (the head) and Ketu (the tail) was born out of Svarbhanu (an Asura), after his head got severed by Mohini (a disguise of Lord Vishnu), when he drank the immortal nectar extracted from the Ksheer sagar (milky ocean). 

Although his body got divided into two, but he became immortal and was awarded the status of planets.

Rahu Characteristics

Rahu works well when placed well in air and water signs. He gives benefic results when placed in the Upachya houses (2nd, 6th, 10th house) of the chart. 

Rahu in general, amplifies the characteristics of the house where he sits and the significator of that house becomes its main moto in life. He works restlessly and ruthlessly for his goal. 

For example, he placed in the 2nd house will make the native keep running for money. He represents foreign elements, so people may travel to foreign countries during this period.

Now, we will see his effects

Effects of Rahu Mahadasha

Rahu/Rahu: In this period, the native suddenly grows obsessed, and is ready to break the rules in order to achieve it. He grows restless and has a wavering and can become alcoholic. 

However, this period gives a sudden growth in career, improvement in finances and foreign travel. On the contrary, malefic Rahu can cause wealth loss and downfall in career. 

As this Dasha gives quicker results, one must be careful in taking decisions.

Rahu/Jupiter: A benefice Jupiter calms down the raging Rahu and will lead him to spirituality and learning.

Marriage can take place during this time (especially for girls). As Jupiter represents a foreign element, it can be an inter-caste or inter-faith marriage. 

A bad Jupiter can make people loose wealth; career and can sometimes lead to a marital discord.

In this Bhukti, he fakes himself as a learned person, but he is out there to cheat with his new skills.

Rahu/Saturn: Rahu is outrageous, but Saturn is limitation. This a tough period for the native as Saturn would not allow Rahu to take its course and will keep him grilled.

He will set boundaries for him and all the bad doings will be brought to justice. 

During this period, a native may face court cases or even jail. There will be considerable delay in all his efforts; sometimes the hard work wouldn’t bear results. There can be troubles in job and problems with the co-workers.

Rahu/Mercury: The Rahu/Mercury period can make him opt for higher education. He becomes more intelligent and takes calculated decisions. During this time, his speculations are at its peak and can make him gamble a lot. 

But a com bust Mercury will make him take random decisions which would backfire. There can be skin or nerve related problems during this period.

Rahu/Ketu: Rahu &Ketu are 180 degrees apart and is totally different behavior. This is a challenging period, where things would not work out as planned.

There can be sudden accidents and medical surgeries in the life of the native, if Ketu is placed in Dusthana houses (6th& 8th). 

Ketu represents separation; therefore people can witness a job change, divorce &relocation. If there is a Kaal Sarp Dosha in a kundali, this period can be extremely hard.

Rahu/Venus: This is a period of indulgence where he will be obsessed with beauty, love, romance and physical pleasures. He will become materialistic and can travel to exotic locations. 

Due to malefic, the native may cheat his spouse and can get involved in immoral activities. 

People with malefic Rahu-Venus conjunct can turn into a womanizer and get embroiled in scandals.

Rahu/Sun: A malefic Rahu and a weak Sun may cause a loss of reputation for the native. He will bear losses in government related activities. 

If Rahu and Sun are conjunct, then this period will bring a downfall in his career and there can be a troubled relationship with his father. 

As Sun represents king, people can develop a false sense of ego during Rahu Mahadasha.

Rahu/Moon: In the Antardasha of Moon, people can face troubles due to females. He will have a bad relationship with his mother. 

Many people go into depression during this time. It will make the person very emotional and he would react strongly on petty issues. 

A tight Rahu Moon conjunction can also drive people mad. During this time, people can also suffer from hallucination or will have a fear from unseen things. All his confidence will sink in and he will become an introvert.

Rahu/Mars: This last bhukti of Mars will make the person courageous and he will come out from the illusions of Rahu. He will become bold again and will be highly charged to take actions. 

This period can make a person very competitive and will make them workaholic. On the contrary, this period can make people very hot-headed and he will get into sudden fights anywhere. 

He may not have a healthy relationship with his siblings. There can be a theft in house or he may get hurt by weapons.

Just in case, if you are running a malefic Rahu Mahadasha, you must keep doing the remedies in order to nullify its harmful effects.

Remedies for Rahu Mahadasha

  • Chant the beej mantras of Rahu.
  • Donate food to the poor.
  • Feed birds with a mixture of different grains.
  • Worship Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva during this time.
  • Keep the Southwest corner of the house clean during this period.

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