Sankalp- Your Commitment To Mantra Sadhna

Importance of Commitment

We all want to achieve our goals and be successful in our endeavours. But most of us are not committed to work for it. We often make commitments to ourselves that we would sincerely work for our goals but at the end things start to faint, leading us to failures.

So, what influences our success?

Our successes in life are mainly due to a firm mind which is dedicated to work even in the dire situations. Until and unless we are not committed, even a small hurdle can lead us to failure. It is the commitment to our goals that we constantly keep pushing in challenging situations.

What is Sankalp?

What is Sankalp

In Mantra sadhna and chanting, commitment is of utmost importance to get the results. Without a committed mind, we won’t feel motivated to work for it. It is the commitment to our goal that energises us and gives strength to our efforts.

Therefore, in order to remain dedicated to our mantra siddhi, a sadhak should take a pledge/vow in the spiritual presence of the deities. We make commitment before God that we will complete the ritual at any cost and that too within the specified duration.

This process is called “Sankalp” in Mantra Meditation. It shows your sincerity and intent towards your sadhna. 

Importance of Sankalp

While taking Sankalp, we make a humble respect to our God to help us in overcoming our problems. Like- we ask for prosperity and happiness, getting out of the financial crunch, finding our soulmate and etc.

In addition to it, when you take Sankalp, you mention your name, your gotra, your lunar sign, time, date and country etc. These attribute acts as a GPS system for the deities to track you down even among the billion populations.

On a spiritual level, it is believed that mantra sadhna without Sankalp bears little to no fruit. Some scriptures also mention that in absence of Sankalp, the fruit of the mantra sadhna automatically goes to “Lord Indra”.

This makes the ritual of Sankalp extremely necessary before starting mantra sadhna.

How to take Sankalp?

Now, let us understand how to do the Sankalp.

Sankalp is a one-time process which has to be done in the beginning of mantra sadhna. It’s a simple process. So, let’s check out the steps.

1) Take holy water in your palm (fewdrops) and say:

I (your name), son of  (your father’s name), resident of (your address) having  gotra (your gotra), taking a pledge on (date),(time),(tithi),(Paksha) that I would chant ( number of chants) of  (name of your mantra)mantra, starting from (starting date). I will complete the entire (your mantra name) in a span of (number of days) days. Please bless me with your guidance and stay with me all the time, so that I can complete the entire sadhna without any obstacles.

2) Now, gently pour down the water on the ground. This completes the process.

You should do the Sankalp under the guidance of our mentors. 

Final Words

Sankalp is not a word, but it’s an act.It ties you with the Holy divine and creates a solid bond between you and the deity.

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