Sanskrit Mantras - Most Powerful and Effective Solution for Your Common Life Problems 

Our lives are full of difficulties and complexities. No one lives a perfect life, everyone have some problem or another.

Whenever we have a problem we look upto God to find a solution. 

Thankfully, our ancestors have written a lot of ways to reach God and solve our problems. These powerful Sanskrit Mantras will help you solve your problems just by chanting them.

The Gayatri Mantra

the gayatri mantra


  • It is believed that human body consists of seven chakras. 
  • By chanting this all the seven chakras gets activated and connects you to the spiritual power.  


  • The best time for chanting is early in the morning, after meditating for some time. 
  • This is a universal Mantra, you can actually chant it anywhere, anytime and any number of times.

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Shanti Mantra

the shanti mantra


  • This is a universal Prayer, and is typically for all to be happy, all to be free of diseases, for all to experience auspicious things and there should not be any sorrow in anyone’s life.


  • Chant for yours and everyone else’s happiness, peace and growth, 108 times everyday or once before starting and ending a pooja or yagya. 

Mantra for a Safe Journey:

Om klim gach gautam


  • Whenever you are going on a journey and want the journey to be lucky and successful then chant this. 
  • It will help remove all the obstacles and evil eye from your journey. With the help of this prayer your journey will be happy and fruitful.


  • During eclipse chant along with Gayathri prayer for 108 times. By doing this step you purify the Mantra.
  • Everytime you start your journey, first think of Lord Ganesha and then chant it 5 times in your mind. Your journey will be blissful.

Sanskrit Mantra to become famous and successful

ॐ नमो पद्मावती पद्मावती पद्मनने लक्श्मीदायिनि


  • It will help you attain all the success and power. 
  • It will help you grow and become famous. 
  • It will help you attain ridhi(famous), sidhi(success) and vrithi(growth).


  • Start chanting this Mantra on midnight of Saturday and Sunday.
  • After that, chant 108 times every day continuously for 21 days.
  •  Keep any red object near the place you chant and also wear red clothes while chanting.

For any problems, discomfort or grievance:

Om raan raan raan raan


  • This is called कष्ट निवृति मन्त्र(kasht nivruti Mantra). If you have a problem, or any kind of discomfort or grievance then this will help you.


  • After taking a bath, chant it every morning for 108 times religiously. No problem or discomfort will come your way.

Mantra for Finding Lost Valuables:

Kartiviryonanonaam raja vahupratapvaanyasya  smaran


  • As the name suggests it will help you find any lost valuable. 


  • As soon as you have misplaced something keep chanting till you find it. 
  • For example if you have misplaced your car keys, chant while looking for it and you will find the keys soon.

Mantra for Weight loss:

Om Saa Sam Sharira


  • It is very useful to someone who wants to lose weight and start dieting.
  • It will make you feel less hungry and thirsty.


  • On an auspicious occasion chant this mantra for 10,000 times and purify it.
  • When you wish to use the Mantra make a small tablet of saffron (kesar), cumin seeds (jeera) and honey (shehad).
  • Chant 108 times, and put this tablet in your mouth. Take a sip of water from a bronze utensil. Don’t gulp down the tablet. Just keep it in your mouth.
  • By following the above step you will not get hungry and thirsty for some time. 

Mantra to get lucky with family love

ॐ   ह्रीं  कपालिनी  कुल  कुंडलिनी


  • This is for women only. By chanting this Mantra you will be most loved and favorite among all family members.


  • Chant it every day for 1000 times for one entire month.
  • It is best if you start chanting on Krishna pakshiya  Chaturdashi and finish next month on Krishna pakshiya triyodashi.
  • After this month, chant it for 108 times daily and you will become favorite daughter in law of the family.

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