Saraswati Mantras - Activate and Develop the Academics, Artistic and Spiritual Things

According to ancient scriptures, Goddess Saraswati has been worshiped since Rig Vedic times and has been referred as the Vidya Devi – Goddess of Knowledge & Vak Devi- Goddess of speech.

Goddess Saraswati

Cladded in a white saree and holding Veena in one hand she has been symbolic of purity and arts. 

Known as the “Mother of Vedas” she can be seen holding Vedic scriptures in one hand and a rosary bead in the other. Riding on a swan she symbolizes speech and wisdom.

People have been worshipping her for gaining knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment. She has feminine power that helps you to activate and develop the academics, artistic and spiritual things. 

Parents chant Saraswati Mantras for their children so that they get good grades in their exams. Teachers’ also chant these mantras to get the capacity to hold highest wisdom. 

Sometimes people chant these Mantras to make sure that the words’ coming out of their mouth contains truth and the correct principles that they desire. She is also referred to as the conductor of mantra and goddess of hidden wisdom.

It is said that if you chant everyday 108 times with purest of emotions and true heart then she will grant you with powers to overcome any types of problems that comes in your path. 

Chanting the Sasawari Mantras everyday helps you to improve memory, speech power and concentration on studies.

It also gives us the power to remove our confusion and escape from the darkness of ignorance. 

Here I have listed a few Mantras for students to divert them toward studies and mantras for concentration.

Saraswati Mantra for Students with Diverted Minds

Saraswati Namasthubhyam Varade
  • This ancient Mantra is usually chanted by students who struggle to get good marks in their exams. 
  • It helps them improve their concentration power and memory. 
  • Getting less marks in exams put much pressure on the children and this would also make them depressed. It will help them to improve in their studies, score good marks in their exams and makes them to fulfill their goals. 
  • Chanting of this Mantra keeps the people mentally healthy, especially those who are seeking knowledge in educational field or spiritual fields.

Saraswati Mantras for Parents to Improve Their Children

Om Hreem Vaagvadini

Every parent wishes that their child performs well in their exams and gets the best education. Often the parents get helpless when they have to make their child learn new lessons and remember it for their exams. 

  • To improve their memory power you can chant on their behalf so that it can concentrate on their studies and score well. 
  • It makes the learning easy and gives a long lasting memory to your child. 
  • It also helps to clear all types of confusion and improves the grasping power of your child, speech, alertness, and logical thinking.

Procedure of Mantra Chanting

  • Usually Mantras are chanted in a proper way and at the fixed time every day without fail. 
  • After taking a bath in the early morning sit on a white cloth in front of Goddess Saraswati with full dedication and belief. 
  • Light up a cow ghee lamp in front of the Goddess. Take a sphatik rosary and put some chandan on the rosary. 
  • Now sitting back and start chanting 108 times. 
  • During chanting one must try to put full concentration and should avoid chanting it wrongly as it can have bad effects. 
  • Mantra should be chanted every day. But if you have some specific purpose, try chanting these mantras for 21 days. 
  • During these days one should abstain from all Tamsik foods and alcohol otherwise they will not manifest accordingly to your goals. 
  • Students can chant these Mantras during the exam time at least 5 times.

Tips to Make Mantras More Effective

  • It’s always best to start your chanting process during the Rohini Nakshatra as this Nakshatra is ruled by Moon which represents mind (mann) in astrology and can significantly improve your overall mental health.
  • Avoid eating tamsik food and drinking alcohol as this would significantly reduce the strength of your Mantra and can even backfire causing negative results.
  • Every time you recite concentrate on every word pronounced which increases the effects of the chants and your body starts resonating with the energy which will make them act fast.

Astrological Significance

During the Jatakarma Sanskar (child birth) Saraswati Mantras are whispered in the child’s ears by a divine priest or a guru.

When there is malefic planet in the 2nd house of your horoscope or when a person has a retrograde moon in his chart or any malefic planets posited in the 3rd house or 5th house of your Vedic chart, then chanting of these hymns benefits oneself immensely.

Saraswati Mantras are usually chanted by people daily and it is the famous mantras used by teachers, students, scientists and musicians which help them ace through their goals in everyday life. 

We will keep you updated on many more Mantras in our next post.

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