Find Shabar Mantras for your Every Wish and Desire

Namaste to All,

It is believed that Shivji and Parvatiji created Shabar Mantra. The meaning of word “shabar” means shiva.

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Later Guru Gorakhnath revealed these Mantras for everyone’s benefit. They are used to destroy evil in your mind and heart and increase your concentration power.

Like vedic, Shabar Mantra does not have any meaning and cannot be translated. 

But they are very powerful and will help you fulfill all our desires. Few things to keep in mind before chanting:

  • Never try to change the Mantras, chant them as it is. By changing, they will not be powerful anymore.
  • They can be chanted by anyone. Gender, caste and age are not a barrier.
  • Eclipse plays a very important role in chanting. During eclipse period try to chant as many Mantras as possible.
  • Before starting, think of Lord Ganesh, your gurudev and also any god you have maximum faith in. By doing this your Mantra will be more successful.
  • Try to chant whenever required but at the same place and same time.
  • For best results always chant with full faith, devotion and sincerity. The best time is early morning, before sunrise and after taking a holy bath.

Shabar Maha Mantra:

छूः छूः य्ह मंतर, देखो जंतर, बडा हय धंतर

बाले अस्वतर , अच्छा है यह जंतर,

उछले समंदर, काबिल यह तंतर

फीके सब बन्दर,जेबी हय भणतर,

कपसा है सुन्दर,टाले जो दुख-रोग,

भगेवो नहीं भोग

जमा या महा जोग,देखिए जीतम लोक

बडा तमासा, मचाया खासा

धूल और धमासा, बजता यह तासा

मारूं जो एक काल,धनेगी ऐसी  ताल

वोअगिया बेताल है और खतेर यारहै।

बडा जा हनुमान,करी म सुलेमान

हकीम जी लुकमान और जीन परस्तान

जादू का हफतखान, देवो मजारदान

जंगी कोहे स्तान, वैसी ओ मस्तान

सब वश हो जाये, सब गम खोजाये

दील सुख हंस जाये, सब गम हट जाये

आ वो जी देखो जी, हंसो और नाचो।

ऐसो है सांचो, नान कहेत मासो,

सज्जने साध्यो नजर यहाँ फेंको,

सुख संपति ने संतति सो कोई देखो।

गुरु की शक्ति मेरी भक्ति,

फुरो मंत्र ईश्वरोवाचा

सत्यगुरु का मंत्र साचा।

Chun chunyeh mantra, dekhojantar, badahayadhantar

Bole aswatar, achahaiyehjantar,

Uchalesamundar, kaabilyehtantar

Phike sab bandar, jebihayebhantar

Sabhi se baltar, ramujkamantar,

Kapsahaisundar, tale jodukh-rog,

Bhage who nahibhog

Jamayamahajog, dekhiyejitamlok

Badatamasa, machayakhasa

Dhulaurdhamasa, bajatayehtasa

Marujoekkaal, dhanegiaisitaal


Badaja hanuman, karimsuleman

Hakim jilukmaanaurjinparasthan

Jaadukahaphtkhan, devo majardaan

Jangikohestaan, waise o mastan

Sab vash ho jaye, sab gam khojaye

Dilsukhhanjaye, sab gum hattjaye

Aaojidekhoji, hasoaur nacho.

Aisohai Sancho, nankahetamaso,


Sukhsampati ne suntti so koi dekho.

Guru ki Shakti meri bhakti,

Phuro mantra eshwarvacha

Satya guru ka mantra sacha

This is a very powerful and is chanted to fulfill all your desire.


  • This is a Shabar Maha Mantra. Chanting on a regular basis all your wishes will come true one by one.


  • Chant 7 times every morning in front of the Sun.
  • Chant throughout the day whenever you are starting something new.
  • Wish whatever you want and Lord Surya will grant your wish.

Powerful Hanuman Shabar Mantra:

Hanuman shabar Mantra is a very useful. It is used to ward off and get rid of evil eye, bad souls, black magic and enemies.

उलटा बीर।

बजरंग का पांव कर।


बारा कोस आघाड।

सम तेराकोस।


आनपोहोंच रे उलटा।

बीरबजरंग का पांव।

जहाँ है वहाँ से लाव।

इसका या पिंड के।

बाला कूनवनाडी से।

बहातर को ठडी से।

रोम-रोम से।

चाम-चाम से।

गुद-गुद से।

पकड के लाव।

मेरी भक्ति, गुरु की शक्ति।

फुरो मंत्र ईश्वरोवाचा।

Ulta biir

Bajrang ka pao kar


Bara kosa adhad

Sam terakos


Aanpohoch re ulta

Biirbajrang ka pao

Jahahaivaha se laao

Is kaya pindke

Balakunavnadi se

Bahatarkothadi se

Rom rom se

Cham cham se

Gudgud se


Meri bhakti, guru ki Shakta

Furo mantra eshwarvancha


  • It is useful to ward off anything evil or to protect you from anything bad. 
  • You will protect yourself and your family from any black magic or any other shabar Mantra.


  • Start on any Tuesday or Saturday.
  • You need to chant every day for 3 months.
  • On every Saturday or Tuesday offer Lord Hanuman idol or photo, clothes, wooden chappal, coconut, red flag, 2 or 7 laddu and fruits.
  • Wear red clothes apply red chandantilak on your forehead.
  • Every day you have to repeat 1080 times without fail.
  • On Tuesday eat only once and fast. 
  • Distribute jaggery and chana among children.

After completion of 3 months, Lord Hanuman will fulfill all your wishes.

Shabar Mantra to Ward off Evil Eye or Nazar:

ॐ नमो आदेश गुरु को उलटंत गोरख पलटंत काया भाग भाग जमदूत गोरखनाथ आया लोहे की कोठरी वज्र ताली आगे मेरे हरि बसे पाछे देव अनंत रक्शा हे गोरखनाथ जी की चौकी है हनुमंत की ।

Om namo aadesh guru ko ultant gorakh paltant kaya bhag bhag jamdut gorakhnath aaya 

Lohe ki kothro vajr taki aage mere hari base pache dev anant raksha hai gorakhnath ji ki choki hai hanumant ki

Nazar or evil eye can affect anyone from a small baby to a 70 year old man.

If you think you are not prospering because of someone’s evil eye then the below mantra will be useful. 


  • It is useful to remove nazar. Small kids or someone very beautiful or rich can attract nazar from evil people. 
  • If you are not feeling well or everything bad is happening to you then try chanting the above Mantra to remove any kind of nazar.


  • Purify the above Mantra by chanting 1008 time on the night of Diwali, Holi or eclipse.
  • Then use it whenever you want to relieve yourself or others from evil eye.

To Catch a Thief:

ॐ  नमो  इंद्राग्नि   बन्य

This is a very interesting Mantra and will help you catch a thief.


  • If there is a robbery in your house or office and you doubt someone as thief then this will be very useful to prove that person guilty.


  • Write this Mantra on a small paper and tie the paper around a Rooster’s neck.
  • Put the rooster in a basket and cover the basket.
  • Place the basket in the hands of the suspect.
  • If the suspect is actually the thief then the rooster will cry out loud.

For Protection While Sleeping:

खाट पडण धरती मरण या देही नारायण आपके शरण, ईशवर की चौकी ब्रह्मा का ताला जहां सोवै वहां राम रखवाला आस्तिक आस्तिक चोर सर्प भय सब नास्तिक ।

Khat padana dharti maran ya dehi Narayan aapke sharan, eshwar ki choki brahma ka tala jaha sove waha ram rakhwala aastik aastik chor sarp bhay sab nastik

It is a very powerful Mantra for protection.


  • When you are sleeping and you want to protect yourself from any thief, evil or from any other Shabar Mantra, then you should chant it.


  • Wherever you are sleeping, chant it 3 or 7 times and then clap your hands.
  • By doing this no thief, snake or poisonous creatures will come close to you.

For Protection Against other Mantras:

ॐ श्री अस्थापन तामें करहु जामे राम भलाई गुणियां के जो गुण काटो तो इसमें नहीं मनाही दुहाई कामाक्शी नैना योगिनी की शब्द सांचा, पिंड काचा फुरो मंत्र ईशवरो वाचा ।

Om Shri asthapan tane karahu jame ram bhalai guniya ki jo gun kato toh ismein nahi manahi duhai kamakshi naina yogini ki shabd sancha, pind kacha phuro mantra eshwaro sacha

There are many people who practice powerful shabar Mantras every day. If you want to avoid getting influenced by these then chant the below Mantra


  • This will protect you from getting influenced by other Shabar Mantra like Vashikaran, Aakarshan Mantra, etc.


  • It should be chanted with peacock feathers.  
  • The effect of any other Mantra will disappear by continuous chanting.

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