Know How Shani Dev Affects the Lives of the People

Shani Dev is one of the primordial deities in Hindu religion and is commonly known as the “Lord of Karma”. Due to his power of awarding and punishing the people for their deeds, he is also called as the “Lord of Justice”. 

Because of his furious nature, he is feared and revered at the same time. It is believed that Shani Dev causes an avalanche of miseries and troubles in people’s life when he gets infuriated by people’s bad Karma.

But, is he really that cruel to cause fear mongering among the people? 

In short the answer is –No! 

He also blesses the native with great health, success and happiness for his good deeds.

In this article, we will make you know more about this Lord- his lineage, his appearance and how he affects the lives of the people.

shani dev

Legends & Lineage of Shani Dev

According to “Skanda Purana”, God Surya got married to Sandhya (daughter of King Daksh) and begot three children- Vaishwat Manu, Yam & Yamuna. Sandhya being a loving and dutiful wife however could not bear the glare of Lord Sun and finally decided to leave for her parent’s home.

In the meantime, she created a mirror image of herself and named her Chhaya, in order to look after the Lord Surya and her children, during her absence. 

Sandhya asked Chhaya not to reveal the secret and discharge all the marital duties. But Sun was uninformed about this and due to his union with Chhaya, Shani Dev was born.

Why is Shani Dev Black in Complexion?

Chhaya being an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva used to practice deep meditation when Shani was in her womb.

Due to this tough penance, He was born with a dark complexion.

Why Shani Dev is Inimical to Surya Dev?

When the excited God Surya came to see his newly born child, he was disappointed to see the dark black colour of his child.

This humiliation angered Shani Dev and he looked towards his father furiously which eclipsed God Surya for some time.

How Lord Shiva blessed Shani Dev?

Surya being displeased with this incident went into meditation and prayed to Lord Shiva to know about the truth.

Lord Shiva narrated the entire story of Chhaya and Sandhya and the reason for Shani Dev’s dark complexion. 

God Surya repented for his thoughts and happily accepted him as his son without any bickering of his complexion. 

This entire incident made him a great devotee of Lord Shiva.

Being pleased with his devotion, Lord Shiva granted him the status of “Lord of Justice”. He was assigned to award or punish people by assessing their deeds.

Why He Moves Slowly?

According to Mythology, he once asked for food from his mother, but as his mother was deeply involved in her prayers told her to wait, till she completes her offerings to the God.

Infuriated by this delay, he kicked his mother. His mother in a fit of rage cursed Shani Dev that he would break his leg. 

God Surya came to know about this and he placated Lord Shani that although the curse cannot be removed, but instead of breaking his leg, he would have problem in walking and would only limp. So he travels slowly and he is also known as “Manda”- a slow mover. 

Appearance of Shani Dev

He is dark complexioned with big eyes, and always looks down away from the sight of the worshipper and due to this, he is also called “Adhodristi”. 

He wears black clothes and is adorned with gold.  Mounted on a black crow, he holds a bow & an arrow, a trident, two daggersand a sword. 

Importance of Shani Dev in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, Saturn has all the powers of Shani Dev and is known to be a cruel and a malefic planet.

He almost takes 2.5 years to travel across each zodiac due to his slow movement. Saturn is the only planet that affects the life of the native for a longer period of time. 

He is neutral to planet Jupiter but bears an inimical relation to Sun, Moon & Mars. He enjoys a friendly relationship with planet Mercury and Venus.

“Shanivaar” (Saturday) has been assigned to this Lord in the Hindu calendar and he looks after the Karma of the people. 

He has an ownership on all black things, iron and the underprivileged. He is a natural ruler of Aquarius and Capricorn zodiac sign.

Know Shani Graha's Malefic and Benefice effects

Shani Dev- the lord of Justice and Karma

Wherever Shani sits in the birth chart, he makes people work very hard for achieving the goal of that house.

He is a tough taskmaster and only awards the fruits of one’s deeds. Therefore, he is known as the “Lord of Karma”.

Inherently Saturn represents delay and obstacles, so he will delay the results of the house of its placement. For example, Shani placed in the 7th house will make the native work very hard in getting married.

 On the contrary, He also blesses the native for their good Karma and blesses the native for their good deeds.

A benefic Shani in a birth chart bestows the native with a good health, wealth and a long life. So he is a known for his fair and impartial judgement.

Mahadasha of Shani Dev

Shani Mahadasha runs for 19 years and is a challenging time for people going through this period.

If he is badly placed in the horoscope, this period will be marked with incessant pain and sufferings. People don’t get the desired results for their work.

He brings about some chronic diseases during this period and people are marred with ill-health. 

If he is well placed and is benefic in the birth chart, he blesses with all the comforts and happiness. 

As he is the significator of age, he blesses the native with a long and healthy life. Although, people will definitely have to work during this period but he will reap good results of his Karma. 

Saadesaati of Shani Dev

When Saturn starts transiting over the 12th house from the moon, the period of Saadesaati begins.

This period of Saadesaati is usually of 7 and ½ years and is divided into three phases of nearly 2.5 years each. 

During this period, Shani Dev causes havoc in the lives of the people and those having a bad Saturn have their lives turned upside down. People suffer losses during this time and undergo severe depression. 

He brings about obstacles and tribulations in the work field and there can be damage to his life and property.

During Saadesaati, a person also loses his reputation in the society and continues to remain in a slumber.

On the contrary, this 7 and ½ period is excellent for the people who have done righteous deeds in their life. He blesses the native with a meteoric rise in the work field and enjoys a luxurious life full of happiness. 

People like MS Dhoni and PM Narendra Modi rose to fame and power during their Saadesaati period. 

Therefore Shani Dev brings about a time of Karmic retribution during the Saadesaati period and makes people pay for their deeds.

How to appease Shani Dev?

  • Pour Black til oil on him every Saturday.
  • Donate black clothes, black til and iron metal to the poor.
  • Pour water to Peepal tree early in the morning before Sunrise.
  • Wearing of Blue Sapphire can also reduce the malefic effects of Shani Dev.
  • Maintain a good karmic balance by your deeds.

Temples & Shani Jayanti

There are many temples built across India in reverence to him, but the two most important temples are mentioned here.

Shani Shignapur is one the most famous temples in India dedicated to Shani Dev where people gather come in huge crowds to pay their respect and offerings. It is located in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra and is a swaymbhu Shani temple. 

Shani Dham is another popular temple where devotees gather to propitiate Lord. It is located in Chattarpur, New Delhi and has a big statue of the lord.

According to the scriptures, Shani Dev was born on Amavasyatithi of the Vaisakhi month. So every year during this time, Shani Jayanti is being observed throughout the Hindu religion. People keep fast and pray to him for his blessings.

He is a strict and impartial teacher. Although he may delay the results for your hard work, but he won’t deny it.

Periods like Saadesaati and Shani Mahadasha comes in life to prepare you for the future and make you stick to the path of righteousness.

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