Know Shani Graha - Its Malefic and Benefice effects

Shani Graha governs karma and rewards/ punishes without being partial. He brings discipline, wisdom, and maturity in people under his influence.

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He is actually a teacher like Jupiter but a bit harsh, who wants you to see the realities in life. 

Once you follow his teachings, he will make you rise to the pinnacle of your life. He is a slow moving planet and its effects are seen for a longer period of time. 

Malefic Effects of Shani Graha

Being a tough taskmaster, he instils a great fear among the people who have bad Saturn or are undergoing bad Saturn transits. Let’s have a look at the malefic effects in one’s life

  • Its malefic effects can lead you to obstruction, distress, depression, sorrow and pains and lets you get marred with adversities in life.
  • During the 7 and ½ year period, the Saturn transits over the 12th house, 1st house and 2nd house to the natal moon and is marked by tough times in a native’s life which results in loss of money, prestige and fame. Even after severe hard work and effort, people fail to achieve any positive results during this period
  • It also leads the person to depression and negativity when a he is placed in 1st house of the horoscope or if it is in conjunct to moon which gives rise to “Vish Yoga”
  • His bad placed in horoscope may lead to a difficulties in matters related to marriage and business if a weak Shani is placed in 7th house of the horoscope.
  • When he is in 9th house may lead to a discord with your father and can avert you from all religious activities.
  • If he weak in 10th house of your horoscope may lead to problems with your career when all your hard works goes futile.
  • If he weak in the 6th house may create problems with your maids and servants. It can also lead you to court cases and can give adverse effects on health.

Benefic Effects of Shani Graha

He has been cited as a villain by most of the astrology community but he can provide you all the worldly pleasures if well placed and exalted in a native’s chart. There are a plenty of benefic effects if he is well placed in a horoscope.

  • A benefic place in 3rd and 10th house may land you a very good and respectable job or business.
  • A favourable Saturn in 8th house increases longevity of the native and is known to be Ayushkaraka Grah for the native.
  • A powerful and exalted Shani in the 11th house of gains blesses the native with name, fame, wealth and power.
  •  When he placed in 7th house may give you a stable and roaring business and may bless you with a rich and calm spouse.
  • When he paced in 1st house of Lagna chart in a native’s horoscope make him/her calm, disciplined and prudent. These natives have excellent leadership qualities.
  • If he is in dusthana houses (6th, 8th&12th house of a horoscope) may bless the native with a top position in matters of employment.
  • A powerful “Panch Maha purusha” yoga is created in a person’s kundali called the “Saas Yoga”, if an exalted Shani sits in the Kendra of a lagna chart or in quadrant to the moon. Saas Yoga blesses the native with all the riches and luxuries throughout their life.
  • Though he may be a disciplined & tough task master, he never denies you fruits of your labour. People like our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi & our favourite player of Indian Cricket Team M.S. Dhoni reached the peak of their career during this dreaded Shani period. 
  • Shani Graha can definitely make one go from “rags to riches” and vice versa.

People undergoing the bad effects face many challenges in their life such as dejection, obstruction, ill-health, bad luck. 

They can nullify the malefic effects by chanting of Shani Mantras daily with intense dedication and can get bestowed with his blessings. He may be hard teacher but his teachings can lead you to a better life ahead.

Here are a few most powerful Shani Mantras which can be chanted when you are undergoing bad periods of Mahadasha, Saade saati and Kantaka Shani to propitiate the ill-effects and pacify the eternal jurist.


  • Pour water and worship Peepal tree early in the morning on every Saturday.
  • Offer 1 and 1/2 litres of milk to Lord Shiva on Monday. 
  • Feed masons, labourers, house cleaners with food cooked in oil on Saturdays.
  • Donating Jaipur’s foot to a leg amputee can give you great results very fast.
  •  Visit Shani Signapur temple for his blessings

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