A complete guide for Shani Mahadasha & its Manifestation.

In Vedic Astrology, Shani holds the special status of Judge among the Navgrahas. He awards or punishes people on the basis of their karmas.

During the 19 years period of Shani Mahadasha (Saturn transit), people face a lot of obstacles in their life, especially in their career field. This period is marked with extreme hardships, delay and denials. 

Aware of Shani Dev’s strict nature and unbiased judgement, people often get intimidated during the approach of Shani Mahadasha.

But, have you ever wondered, why Saturn transit often gives a tough time in our lives?

To understand this, we must know about Shani Grah and its importance in our astrological charts.

shani dev

Understanding Shani Mahadasha

Shani Grah (Saturn) is the entire repository of our Karma- the good and the bad deeds.

It represents our past pending karmas that have to be fulfilled in this lifetime. Unlike Jupiter, he is a stern teacher and imbibes patience and endurance in our lives. 

Due to his meticulous eyes over our deeds, he often provides slow results. By letting us face the ruthless world, he makes us understand the harsh realities of our lives.

Saturn is the karaka of career, profession, efforts, longevity and death. He rules over the underprivileged & poor, labourers, masons, jails, handicapped and the lowly.

He represents the old members in our family. In our body, he has the ownership over our bones, joints and teeth.

 So, how does the Shani Mahadasha affect us? 

Manifestation of Saturn Transit

Here are a few malefic effects experienced commonly by the masses:

  • You will become workaholic.
  • Slow growth of career.
  • Delay in marriage (if Shani is in the 7th house)
  • Problems related to bones or joints.
  • Getting involved in lawsuits or even landing in jail.

Shani Mahadasha- Curse or Blessing

Although Saturn transit inflicts natives with sorrows and sufferings, but on the contrary, it gives a constant growth when favourably placed in the chart.

It can award the native with all the name, fame and material happiness of the world. 

Besides, a good Shani can increase the lifespan of the native.  He also represents masses and during this time people earn huge mass support in their life. 

Celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, ShahRukh Khan & Michael Jackson have witnessed stupendous growth during this period. 

A well-placed Shani placed in Upachya houses (3rd, 6th, 10th& 11th houses) can bless the native with immense wealth and  all luxuries. Businessmen and entrepreneurs flour during Saturn transit. 

Shani Mahadasha for different Ascendants

It is generally good for some, bad for few and neutral to other ascendants. We will understand this under the different effects on ascendants.

Benefic Effects

It is usually beneficial to Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus, Libra, Gemini and Virgo Ascendants. Since, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra are mooltrikonasign for Saturn, this period may bring great success to them. 

If ill-placed or afflicted, the good results will be attenuated to an extent.

Malefic Effects

Saturn is inimical to Sun, Moon and Mars. Therefore, ascendants like Leo, Cancer, Aries & Scorpio will face a bad time during this period. 

If Saturn is debilated or retrograde, the bad results may further intensify.

Neutral Effects

Pisces and Sagittarius Ascendants have a neutral effect of this dasha and mixed results are experienced by the natives during this period. 

However, placement of Saturn will further decide the intensity of the results during this period.

Effects of Different Bhukti under Shani Mahadasha

Saturn/ Saturn: During this period, Saturn is at its extreme potential and can bring immense growth or enormous suffering for the native. 

A benefice placed Saturn in the horoscope can make the native earn status and wealth from his career. 

He can rise to an authoritarian position during this period and will have a huge mass support. 

Progeny and marriage can also take place for the native, if Venus and Jupiter are good in transit.

If badly placed, this period can bring a setback in the career or business.

He may suffer due to the actions of the government and can get into court cases. Loss of reputation and status can be witnessed during this period. 

People can develop problems related to gout and rheumatism. 

Shani placed in 8th house can also make the native experience death like situation during this period.

Saturn/Mercury: If Mercury is benefice in the chart, then this dasha would open doors to a plethora of opportunities in the field of employment and business. People are seen to expand their business during this time. 

Mercury’s intellect and Saturn’s endurance helps the native to take logical decisions and work on them incessantly. During this period, people get acquainted to learned and famous persons. 

If debilitated or badly placed, then this period would bring about obstacles in the work field and there may be losses in the business.

This dasha can also bring about problems related to skin and nerves.

Saturn/Ketu: Generally, this Dasha does not give good results and no significant growth is seen during this time.

But a badly placed Saturn and Ketu may bring about losses in health, wealth and career. 

People may relocate to isolated places during this time. There can be cases of divorce if Saturn is placed in 7th house and is afflicted. 

Saturn/Venus: Venus is a natural benefic planet and during its Antardasha, the native experiences an overall development in matters related to career, finance and business. 

People enjoy all types of material and physical comforts. He gets love and respect from his spouse and children.

But an afflicted Venus can bring all sorts of sorrows in the life of the native. He may also suffer humiliation from the female folks.

Saturn/Sun: In this period, then native may develop problems with the government. He may face demotion in his career and face humiliation.

A bad relation with the father may develop during this period. 

On the contrary, people with well-placed Sun and Saturn can see a great rise in the status and can become like a king.

He will earn name and fame during this dasha. This dasha is great for a political career.

Saturn/Moon: A sense of mental dissatisfaction is seen during this period. Native can have bad relations with his mother and there can be quarrels in the family.

Mother may become critically ill during this time. People suffer from mental illness like depression and insomnia.

Saturn/Mars: As Saturn and Mars are inimical to each other, it will cause a lot of frustrations in the life of the native and all his work will go unrewarded. 

Differences between siblings are seen during this period. Problems related to land and property can take place during this period.

On the contrary, this period can make a person very competitive and workaholic and is usually good for athletes and adventurers.

Saturn/ Rahu: Rahu being an agent of Saturn may bring about a lot of sufferings during this time.

There can be thefts in the house and the person might get killed with weapons or by poisoning.

Enemies become powerful during this period and can harm the native. People can land into jails and can face court cases.

This is not a good dasha for almost all the ascendants.

Saturn/ Jupiter: Jupiter in its bhukti would bring positive results in the lives of the natives.

The native may attain wealth, respect and status during this period. There will be improvement in career and business prospects. 

People develop good relations with his family members. A sense of spirituality and devotion to God is seen during this time.

A good placement of Saturn and Jupiter in transit can even signify marriage during this period.

Note: Shani Mahadasha can provide very harsh results when it is accompanied by Shani Saadesaati. So a careful study of chart is necessary to gauge the effects of this dasha.


  • Chant the beej mantras of Shani Grah and recite “Shani Stotra” 
  • Donate to the under privileged and the down trodden of the society. 
  • Pour til oil or mustard oil to Shani Dev and light a lamp under the Peepal tree.
  • Don’t get involved into evil, illegal and unethical acts.

“As you sow, so shall you reap”- is the real essence of Shani Mahadasha.

The sufferings inflicted during this dasha purify our soul and make us tread the path of truth, nobility and spirituality.

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