Shani Mantras - Reduce Shani Bad Effects and Can Help You Get Over His Testing Times

In Vedic Astrology, Shani Dev has been assigned to look into the matters of justice, providing rewards and punishments for the good and bad deeds done by humans. 

People have been chanting Shani Mantras to please him and escape his wrath. They are recited to get over the ill –effects of Dev.

Depending upon your deeds—good or bad, the circle of his justice works and you may be punished for your wrong doings. 

Reciting of Mantras such as Shani Beej Mantra, his Gayatri and Vedic Mantra can reduce his bad effects and can help you get over his testing times. 

They can also be chanted daily as a jaap during your Mahadasha and Antardasha period.

Here are a few most powerful Shani Mantras which can be chanted when you are undergoing bad periods of Mahadasha, Saade Saati and Kantaka Shani to propitiate the ill-effects and pacify the eternal jurist.

Shani Mantra (beej mantra)

Om praam preem


  • This is the beej Mantra and can be chanted daily for paying approbation to the Lord. 
  • Its frequency corresponds to the energy of Lord. It helps to get over our stress and obstacles in life.  
  • It is also chanted while wearing a Blue Sapphire (Neelam) gemstone. Chanting should be done after sunset with a block Onyx mala facing West direction.  
  • Try reciting the Shani Mantra 108 times daily.  
  • People should avoid all the tamsik (non-veg) foods during this day and should absolutely abstain from alcohol and bad influences. 
  • We should wear black clothes and use black til, mustard oil and lajwanti flowers as offerings to Deva. 
  • It gives more powerful results when chanted on Saturdays during the Shukla Paksha of Pushya, Anuradha & Uttra Bhadrapada nakshatra.

Vedic Shani Mantra for Saade Saati

Shani Mantra


  • This Shani Mantra is usually chanted when a person faces obstacles in undertaking a task and is unable to get over the hurdles in their job and business.
  • Chanting should especially be done by people when they are going through the testing times of Saade saati or bad Mahadasha & Antardasha.
  • It brings about stability in one’s life and get over the negative influences of Deva.
  • Chant 108 times daily with a Rudraksha rosary beads for 43 days. 
  • It’s always best to keep a picture of Lord Shani, Lord Shiva & Lord Hanuman during the Mantra chanting for better and efficient results.

Shani Mantra to Get back prosperity and Money

ॐ अस्य श्रीशनैश्चर स्तोत्रस्य


  • By chanting the above mantra, you request Shani dev to bless you and to help you overcome all your difficulties and bad luck. 
  • This mantra will not only help you get back prosperity and money in your life but also get new or lost love.

Shani Mantra to Reduce the Effect of all Your Bad Karmas 

नीलाञन  समाभासं  रविपुत्रं  यमाग्रजम्


  • Shani dev is called the God of Justice. He will give you what you deserve from your past good or bad deeds.
  • By chanting the above Mantra you will reduce the effect of all your bad karmas to an extent.
  • you will receive the his blessings and minimize the bad effects of your karma

How to Chant 

  • While chanting wear black or dark blue clothes.
  • Start chanting from Saturdays and if possible keep a fast on Saturday. Break the fast in the evening by eating rice mixed with black sesame seeds and urad dal.
  • At home, you can chant in front of Lord Hanuman photo or idol.
  • On Saturdays, you can donate black clothes, footwear, black sesame seeds, oil or blankets to the needy.

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