Shani Sade Sati- The Tumultuous Phase of 7.5 Years

One of the most common astrological phenomena usually talked about is the Shani Sade Sati. In fact, the word Shani Sade Sati has become the bread and butter for most of the business astrologers and quacks.

It is during this period 80% of the people visit astrologers and most of the time gets cheated out of their hard earned money.

This period of Sade Sati runs for approximately 7 ½ years, so you can understand the importance of it. In this article, we will understand its effect on the lives of the natives. We will also clear the common notion that Sade sati is always bad and it brings troubles for the natives.

So, if you are among those who are experiencing this period now or have been forewarned of its approach in your birth chart, keep reading this article till the end.

Shani dev

Understanding Shani Sade sati

Shani Sade sati is a time period of 7 ½ years of Saturn. When the transiting Saturn comes in the 12th house from the Moon; the period of Sade sati starts.

During this period, Shani transits the 12th house, 1st house and the 2nd house from the natal Moon sequentially. As Shani stays for nearly 2.5 years in each sign, this entire period lasts for 7.5 years. 

Since Saturn is the second largest planet in the solar system, its transit affects the lives of the native in a greater way either for good or for bad. This period usually comprises of three phases of 2.5 years each. We will cover each phase in a broader way.

Phases of Shani Sade sati

1st Phase of Sade sati- Initiation Phase

This period of first phase is also known as first Dhaiyya in astrology. During this phase, Shani Dev aka Saturn traverses the 12th house from the natal Moon and remains there for almost 2.5 years. This phase marks the initiation of Sade sati period and is technically known as the “Rising Phase”. 

The 12th house governs losses, travelling to foreign land, isolation and prisons. It also represents expenditures and hospitalization. Besides, it also governs the left eye and feet in our body. Therefore, during this phase the above mentioned matters will be affected for the native.

2nd Phase - The Peak Phase

This phase is more important as Shani traverses the 1st house of the lunar chart and is directly in conjunction to the moon. This is called the Peak phase in Sade sati; reason being it creates too much mental stress in our lives. As Moon represents our mind, this period can also cause depression and mental fogginess.  This phase also lasts for 2.5 years and is often called as second Dhaiyya.

The first house of the lunar chart governs our physique, our personality and mental disposition. Therefore matters related to our physical and mental health will be more prominent.

Last Phase - Settling Phase

This is the third and final phase of Sade Sati and usually runs for the rest 2.5 years out of the 7 and ½ year period. During this phase, Saturn progresses to the 2nd house from the Moon and affects the matters related to that house.

As this is the last phase so, it is not that bad and the Shani Dev minimizes his harmful effect on the native during this 2.5 years. Upon completion of this phase, the testing period gets over.

Effects of Shani Sade Sati

The effects of this 7 and a ½ year period can be categorised into three different 2.5 years period with respect to the transit of Saturn in the lunar chart.

We will now see as to how this transit affects us in general.

Effects during 1st phase

During this phase, Saturn transits in the first house and is 12th from the moon. The native will see a sudden rise in expenditure due to unknown circumstances; his financial conditions suffer quite a lot during this period.

It may make the native travel to foreign places which would not be quite pleasing. People get detached from their near and dear ones during this time.

As 12th house rules prisons, jails and social ostracisation, a native undergoing the first Dhaiyya may even land in jail, if the Saturn is malefic in the chart. Relationships and domestic happiness suffer a huge setback and it can also lead to separation from the spouse or the family.

The things that you considered as important will no longer serve you and will finally vanish away from your life. The people whom you considered as important will start withdrawing from your life.

This gradual shift in life will start bringing mental agonies and worries for the native. It is commonly seen that a lot of breaks up happen during this period among love birds. 

Effects during the 2nd phase

Saturn is conjunct your natal moon during this period which creates a vicious combination. In this time, you undergo a lot of mental tension which can even land you into depression.

Relationships suffer, especially with the female folks especially with your mother and spouse. People are seen to contemplate a lot during this period and often brood about their glorious past.

Sleepless nights are often experienced during this period and the native is under constant pressure how to improve his career and relationships. Interestingly, it is found that a lot of break ups happen during this period.

Health problems especially related to mind are very common during the 2nd phase. People with a bad 8th house, a weak moon and a malefic Saturn can also witness suicidal tendencies during this period.

Second Dhaiyya of Shani Sade Sati is extremely powerful, and it affects people deeply having a full moon or no moon in the chart.

Effects during the last phase

The last phase of Sade Sati causes troubles in earning, wealth management and problems related to inheritance. Family problems also surface during this period.

A native may get into financial troubles due to a bad decision which can erode his hoarded wealth. It is often recommended to stay away from speculative businesses like stock markets during this time.

It is quite commonly seen that people during this phase often get into conflicts with their siblings due to matters of inheritance and property. There are chances that a native may earn less to no money during this period.

Overall, this gives a tough time in the financial front. Body parts such as eyes, teeth and mouth gets affected during this time.

But, will Shani Sade sati always be bad as claimed by the astrologers?

Sade Sati- The silver lining 

Although this period is marked with umpteen difficulties for most of the native but for few this is great time to reap the benefits of their good Karmas done previously.

Shani Dev blesses the natives abundantly during this period with great career, health, wealth and overall prosperity during this period.

Narendra Modi for example, became the PM of India during his Shani Sade Sati. But whether Shani Dev blesses or curses the native during this period, a native will definitely have to work very hard and lead a disciplined life. 


  • Doing MahaMrityunjay Jaap and Puja is extremely necessary if you are under a terrible Sade Sati. Lord Shiva can help you overcome this dreadful period.
  • Chanting of Hanuman Chalisa, Hanuman astak & Bajranbaan is also very powerful to nullify the bad effects. You can also read Sundar kaand during this time.
  • Pour milk on Shivling every Monday.
  • Offer sesame or mustard oil on Shani Dev every Saturday during the evening. Thereafter, light lamps near the Peepal tree or Shami tree.
  • Donate black til, mustard oil, black clothes, iron, and amethyst stone to the needy and poor.
  • Be good and remain courteous to your co-workers and labourers.

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