Shanti Mantra – Banish Your Demons

Who does not want a calm, peaceful life? 

After performing demanding work to earn your bread and butter, it is a relief to enter your home filled with the fragrance of calmness, peacefulness, and warmth of love. Is it not?

Each house has a soul, also known as Vaastu Purush. He protects us from all bad evils, and spirits.This soul must be protected at all times.

So, our rishis chant this Shanti Mantra to purify the entire atmosphere. This allows them to perform divine, sacred rituals unhindered.

In this way, we appeal to the almighty to eliminate all unholy, bad circumstances which are either beyond our control, or in our control as well as those under the influence of our minds. 

Shanti Mantra is chanted collectively to make resonance /vibration of sound in a typical pitch so that the almighty is awakened.

We are then freed from the Tri Taap (three disturbances which are obstacle in our daily routine and smooth life.)

What Are Three Obstacles,Tri Taap?

When our soul takes birth, it becomes a part of all atmosphere, relatives, and activities. Nothing is easy. 

We have to learn everything in this new world, which includes sitting, walking, running, learning, fighting, arguing, facing diseases, etc. 

There are many obstacles spread over our entire life span, which encompasses all these activities.

We can divide our anguish and pain into three types of sorrows, i.e. Taap. 

  • Adhidaivik Taap: - Daivaik means ‘originating from God’. This is the mental disturbance which occurs out of God’s anger. These are Hurricanes, earthquake, volcanic eruption etc. We cannot stop them.
  • Adhibhautik Taap: - These are the physical disturbances we experience from the world around us. We suffer from so many microorganisms, insects, violent animals etc. You can see how our rishis have taken all our troubles into account though they used to stay in jungles.
  • Adhyatmik Taap: - This is the most prominent and uncontrollable Taap. It represents us as our own enemy. We carry six intrinsic enemies in us at all times - ego, lust, sorrow, anger, hatred, and distraction. 

These are born out of our disputes with others. Our negative emotional reaction towards these situations becomes our own enemy; a shadow of ourselves which remains till the end. 

It makes us think in terms of pros and cons of our behavior, as well as others’ behavior. No matter what you do, sorrow is all you get out of it.

How to Get Peace From all These Troubles?

We crave for a calm and peaceful life. But it is not bestowed by God as a gift. We have to achieve it. 

We can fight all our outer enemies. But six internal demons cannot be eliminated.

They continue to cause adverse effects on our mind and soul. Unless the inner realm is not pure, we cannot achieve a healthy body and mind. 

Purifying and preparing our soul for Shanti Mantra: -

It is imperative that we take bath or wash before chanting any Mantra for special purposes. This takes care of the outer cleanliness. 

But about inner cleanliness?

If our mind is polluted with bad thoughts, or if a natural calamity hits us, how can we perform our rituals and get the benefit that we want?

So we clean our thoughts and concentrate on the Almighty. We collectively chant this Shanti Mantra three times:

om shanti

Oh, God may we be protected from obstacles beyond our control. 

Oh God may we be protected from world around us and its people. 

Oh God may we overcome our inner obstacles.

This Shanti Mantra is therefore chanted three times collectively by all members of family. As the entire room is filled with the divine notes, you will find that your heart is filled with good thoughts and good feeling for others. 

You will automatically feel close to god and those good thoughts and god consciousness will purify your blood and other body parts.

Here is the Mantra:

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the mantra
the meaning

In this way, you can benefit from this Mantra. The unique thing about it is that you improve your surroundings and help benefit others too.

The six demons reside in all of us. With Shanti Mantra, you suppress those demons in you as well as in others around you!

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