Shreem Mantra- A Magnet for Wealth & Financial Abundance

In our Hindu culture, we pray a lot to Goddess Lakshmi to bless us with all the wealth and riches in our lives. She is known to have all the wealth in the world and her blessings can make a person go from rags to riches.

People, especially from the business and traders class treats Maa Lakshmi in high respect and performs all sorts of pooja activities to seek her blessings.

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shreem mantra

If we search online, we will find myriads of articles based on how to please this wealth Goddess. There are many different mantras, yantras and tantras available online that claims to appease Mahalakshmi and bless you with immense wealth.

But these different rituals and practises require knowledge, time and effort which most of us lack. So in this article, we will give you a small, yet powerful beej mantra which upon daily chanting can make you a magnet of wealth.

So, wealth has become the be-all and end-all of our lives. We simply can’t imagine life without wealth. 

Do you want to earn more wealth and live a life of abundance and full of luxuries? Silly question, isn’t it? We all want it.

Are you into deep debts? You might be struggling to pay off your loans?

Even some of you might be struggling financially due to sudden expenses. Or your businesses have stopped growing and have started giving you losses?

There can be different reasons for your dwindling finances. But, what is the solution for it?

Can we still get out of the financial struggles in our lives? If yes, then how?

We all know that Goddess Lakshmi is the wealth God and once she is pleased, she will shower you with all the wealth in your lives.

Here we will be discussing about the beej mantra for wealth or the beej mantra for Mata Lakshmi.

What is Shreem mantra?

“Shreem”is a powerful single syllable Sanskrit mantra which is also called the seed mantra of the wealth Goddess- Mata Lakshmi. Like “OM”, “Hreem”,” Kreem” and other beej mantras, “Shreem Mantra” is the beej for wealth and prosperity.

It is the sound manifestation of the divine Goddess, who is the holy consort of preserver of the Universe i.e. Lord Vishnu. It has a feminine power which has the power to alleviate your financial distress and get you out of poverty.

Shreem Mantra is also used as beej for Lord Rama and is sometimes used in association with different syllables in order to get his blessings.

The powerful syllable “Shreem” is composed of “Sh- representing Mata Lakshmi”, “Ra- the representor of wealth”, “Ee – meaning fulfillment & “Mm- meaning the Divine”.

This one word simply translates to -“O Goddess Lakshmi, the significator of wealth, bless us by providing a life of satisfaction and contentment”. 

Chanting of “Shreem mantra” also controls our “third eye chakra” and manages the energy flow with it.

ॐ  श्रीं  नमः

OM Shreem Namah

Now let us understand the benefits of chanting this mantra.

Benefits of Chanting:

  • Ends your financial problems by improving your finances and creates sudden and unexpected sources of wealth.
  • Keeps you buoyant during struggling times of debt and financial losses. Chanting of this mantra can end your debts and all the financial burdens of your life.
  • Shreem Mantra acts as a powerful magnet for wealth and abundance. A person can never go into financial troubles after attaining siddhi over this mantra.
  • As it has a lunar energy, it can bring happiness & prosperity in the lives of the natives.
  • Chanting can give you a happy marital life.
  • Businessmen should definitely chant this mantra for further growth and improvement in their field of operation.
  • It improves a debilitated Moon in a horoscope. It can help you relax and focus your scattered mind.
  • It balances the “Kapha” levels in the body by controlling the water content.
  • It acts as a natural stress reliever and has mental healing properties.

How to Chant?

Auspicious Time: Shreem mantra can be chanting in the morning after Sunrise or during Sunset.

Auspicious Days: It best to start chanting this mantra during the Lakshmi pooja or Navratri Pooja. You ca also start the mantra siddhi starting from any Thursdays.

Asana: Use yellow coloured cotton or woollen asana while doing the meditation.

Clothes: Wear yellow clothes.

No. of counts: You should at least do 1.25 lakhs of counts in a span of 41 days. For best results try chanting 32 lakhs count.

Mala: Always use Rakhtchandan (red sandal wood) rosary for best results. You can also use Rudraksha mala.

Pooja Samagris: Offer yellow sweets, yellow flowers and yellow fruits as an offering to God. Light a ghee lamp in from the Goddess before starting the sadhna.

Perform Yajna after completing your mantra sadhna.

The sound of Shreem invokes Goddess Lakshmi and upon attaining siddhi over this mantra, you will be a source of riches and prosperity. Keep chanting to feel the changes.

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