Surya Mantra - To Attain Higher Status and Position in Our Society and Work Field

Are you fed up and feeling hopeless about begetting a child in your family? 

Have all your prayers gone unheard?

You are not alone here with this problem. People have been endlessly trying and doing all sorts of remedies as per our Hindu rituals and worshipping various Gods to have the birth of a child in their family.

 But, Alas! Nothing helps. Isn’t it?

Now, simply put all your worries to rest as in this article, you will get to know the powerful Surya Mantras which on chanting with respect and devotion will undoubtedly beget you a child. 

For many of our readers who have suddenly fallen prey to their enemies without doing any wrong, this article will also provide a ray of hope for getting over their vicious enemies and their malicious intentions.

A powerful Surya mantra has also been mentioned in this article to destroy your enemies.

But before going straight to the Mantras, we want you to know about the religious significance of Sun God. 

Surya Dev (Sun God ) is the only worshipped God in our Hindu culture apart from Chandra whom we can see, and thus he is also known as the Pratyaksh Devta in our sacred Vedic texts. 

As he sees everything that happens in the universe, he is also called as Sarvatra Sakhshi Bhutan (the universal witness).

The Sun is the source of life (Pranakaraka) in our solar system and the dispeller of darkness on our planet earth. He is depicted as by riding a chariot drawn by seven horses. 

The seven horses denote our seven levels of consciousness, the seven chakras in our body and seven days of a weak. He represents the Atma (soul) of an individual and is known as the Atmakaraka planet in Vedic Astrology. 

Surya Mantras have been chanted by people through all the ages to propitiate the Lord Sun. Lord Rama also chanted the Aditya Hrudayam Strotam before waging war against Ravana to overcome his nervousness. The famous Gayatri mantra written in our Rig Veda is dedicated to Savitur, a form of Lord Sun. 

Planet Surya blesses us with a high status and position in our society and work field. If placed badly or weak in a horoscope, he may be the cause of your social defamation. Some of the malefic and benefic effects are listed below.

Surya Mantras for Begetting a Child

Surya Mantra
  • You can start chanting this Surya Mantra if you want a child in your family. 
  • It can also provide good effects to couples who are childless for a very long time. Lord Surya will definitely provide you beneficial results and you will be blessed with a child. 
  • Start chanting it daily during sunrise after taking a bath. It should be chanted 108 times using quartz crystal beads.

Surya Mantras for Destroying Your Enemies

Shatru Nashay Om
  • You should chant this power Surya Mantra to get over your enemies. 
  • If you have also been caught in some court cases and are facing defamation due to some hidden enemies, it can help you win over your enemies and even bring back your lost reputation. 
  • Chanting these Mantras should be done during sunrise 108 times using a japa bead.

Now up to How Many Days Should be Surya Mantras be Chanted?

This is the most obvious question. 

According to Vedic astrology, any Surya Mantra should be chanted 7000 times. You should make it a point to finish chanting in 43 days. 

It is always advised that after the chanting pour water toward Surya God in respect. These Mantras are very powerful and will yield desired results but you should recite it without a wavering mind.

One more important aspect we want our readers to know is that a very famous festival Chhatt is celebrated throughout the regions of Bihar & UP (India) in worship to this powerful deity. 

Chhatt festival is celebrated for four continuous days where people pay respect and pray to Lord Sun. This festival is usually celebrated to be getting a child in the family. During this time Lord is worshipped with great zeal and dedication.

For our readers benefit, we have also added remedies for a weak and malefic Sun in one’s horoscope. You can do these remedies daily to get the blessings of this God. 

Malefic effects of Sun

  • His adverse placement in one’s chart can make a person egoist and arrogant.
  • A weak Sun in a native’s chart may lead him to humiliation in the public spheres of life.
  • When placed in the horoscope in 2nd & 12th house he can give native poor eyesight.
  • Debilitated or afflicted Sun may give you physical ailments like paralysis. He is responsible for the blood circulation in the body and a His bad position cause heart attacks.
  • Loss of respect, position and reputation. He may be trapped into some government cases which will rob him of his respect in the society and hard earned money.
  • When he is weak, he will not favour you to gain government benefits.  When he is debilitated, or afflicted in the 10th house of the horoscope it may bring obstacles in your career and work arena.
  • His weak position may never give you desired results in the political arena.
  • Discord between son & father is always seen in a native’s life due to a weak placed sun in the natal chart.

Benefic effects

  • A benefic and exalted sun in a native’s Kundali will make the native very confident, increase the will power and make him religious.
  • An exalted Sun in the sign of Aries in the 10th & 11th house of a native’s horoscope will make him gain favourable from the government. It may also make the native rise higher in his career or the political field. Due to this a person can get a substantial source of income.
  • During the Mahadasha & Antardasha, a native with a benefic Sun will be bestowed with a life of royalty. You will have all the riches and blessed with a life of a king.
  • Your mind will be cleansed and you will be free from anger, jealousy, hatred and malice.
  • When placed in the 5th or 10th house of a horoscope, he can bless you with a male child.
  • Surya in conjunction with Buddha Grah placed in the Kendra or Trikona in a horoscope can give rise to a Panch Mahapurusha Yoga called as Buddh Aditya Yoga. A person having this yoga is very sharp and intelligent and blesses the native with excellent analytical skills.


  • Always get up before sunrise.
  • Pour water towards Lord Surya everyday early in the morning while chanting Surya Mantras.
  • Try to fast on Sundays and if not possible don’t take salt in your food on this day.
  • Wearing of Ruby gemstone is highly recommended if you have a weak but benefic Sun.
  • Chanting of Gayatri Mantra or taking the seven names of Lord Surya is utmost beneficial. 
  • Doing Surya Namaskar can also be beneficial for natives having a weak Sun.

Chant these Mantras and Lord will definitely bestow his richness upon you.

Stay Blessed!

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