Vedic Mantras – Get Love, Wealth and Health

We often hear stories of Rishi Munis meditating alone in serene and holy places, detached from this world and the worldly desires.

They often have incredible powers as described in the stories. They can also perform miracles!

And we start thinking about how we can do the same. 

Well, you can.

But like them, you have to sacrifice everything. And you don’t want to do that. All because the ‘Moh-Maya’ keeps you locked in place as a commoner going about the daily routine.

Or you can actually accept your destiny and take help of some Vedic Mantras to make sure that your life on earth is as tranquil and lovely as possible.

What are these Vedic Mantras?

They are those which are derived from four Vedas:

  • Rigveda
  • Yajurved
  • Samved
  • Atharvaveda.

Out of these Vedas, only Rigveda and Yajurved contain Mantras which the common man can chant.

It is believed that our Gods themselves taught some of them to Rishis. 

The others were discovered by powerful Rishis who concentrated their immense focus on the five elements of nature and cosmos.

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In this process, they attained God-Consciousness which made them utter these Hymns.

They passed this knowledge on to their students and thus, propagated it forward. These were not written documents when that happened.

Only the highly devoted and dedicated Rishis could chant these Vedic Mantras. 

However, for the well-being of mankind, they decided to teach us.

There are only a few Mantras which are allowed to be chanted by the common man. It is because the pronunciations and word / sentence structure are easier. 

Due to the obligations of the common man towards day-to-day Shadripus, we can not concentrate and dedicate our lives like those Rishis.

There are designated Brahmans who have the ability to chant accurately in the houses of commoners. 

They can purify the house and awaken the relevant deities properly. However, our almighty deities only ask for Bhaav (Faith) and true feelings. 

There are some easy to chant Mantras for the family person. That person has to follow a few simple rules for this.

Before chanting, one should make a Sankalp (official, declared decision) about chanting a particular Mantra, the number of times to be chanted (Jaap) and for what specific purpose.

After this, the person has to describe the Mantra. For example, each chant has an associated Rishi, a Devata, a Bij, Shakti and a Kilak. All these things have to be mentioned. . 

So What Vedic Mantras can give you Love, Wealth and Health?

The commoner does not possess high expectations from deities. The desires are simple, his or her life should be smooth with good health, wealth and happiness. 

In pursuit of the worldly duties, the commoner does not get the time to sit in a place for extended periods of time like those Rishis do.

That’s why Rishis have provided us with three types of Mantras:

  • 1st  should be chanted loudly.
  • 2nd  can be whispered.
  • 3rd  can be chanted in the mind without uttering a single word.

Different people are advised to worship different deities according to their Horoscope.


This is because different Hymns have different pronunciations which give rise to a varied frequency response at different tones and pitches.

And thus, the results vary accordingly. If the chanted Mantra is vastly different than the remedy required, then the resulting effect would be useless.

This is why Narad Muni advised Valmiki to keep chanting ‘Ram, Ram’.

Even though he chanted ‘Mra, Mra’, he achieved his desired results because that was his Isht Devata. Whereas Dhruva kept chanting ‘Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevay’, on Narad Muni’s instructions.

Let us see what some these chants are, and what they can do for you. Starting with the best Mantra which provides a host of benefits.

The Ganesh Mantra

Lord Ganesh is said to be honored by Agra Pooja. It is the starting point for almost every ritual or pooja in our religion.

the ganesh mantra

This Vedic Mantra has a definite number of chants.

It is either chanted 21 times or a total of 1 lakh times (Purashcharan).

In Hindu religion, it is universal for all families, and is the only exception to the rule of each family having one particular deity.

Lord Ganesh, by way of this chant, removes all obstacles from your work or any good action.

Since he also represents intelligence, it is useful to increase the brain power as well.

The Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri can be said to be the Queen of all Mantras. We can chant this as a prayer to the almighty to grant protection to us as their devotees.

It is as follows:

gayatri prayer

It gives the feeling of oneness (अद्वैत – Advait) with all the Gods and Goddesses, and thus lets us concentrate our efforts towards a better life. 

It is a very sacred hymn and it is considered as the base of all the deities individual Gayatri Mantras. 

For example, the Ganesh Gayatri Mantra is as follows:

the ganesh gayatri mantra

The Ram Mantra

Lord Raam is an Avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu to kill Raavan. His Mantra is as follows:

The Ram mantra

The name ‘Raam’ itself is strong enough to destroy all the ghosts, demons, evil spirits and Pitrudosh.

This Vedic Mantra is chanted by Ganesh, Shivdoot and Bhairav. 

It should be systematically chanted with Aachaman, Vandan, Sankalp, Aasan, Nyaas, Dhyaan, Mantra and Samarpan for a total of 28 times.

It will allow you act with judiciousness and eradicate your enemies which stand in your way of achieving wealth and riches.

The Krishna Mantra

Krushna (कृष्ण) is also an Avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu to kill demons.

As quoted in Shrimad Bhagvad Gita, he is the epitome of omniscience and existence. 

the Krishna Mantra

By chanting this Vedic Mantra, our mind is purified, thoughts are cleared.

As a result, we can easily achieve wealth.And then we fulfill our earthly duties to our full potential, which automatically allows us to be happy. 

When we become happy, we are more likely to act with love towards others. This is beneficial for both the love life as well as family life

The Shiv Panchakshar Mantra

This is a most important Mantra.

It can give eternal life, free us from plagues and diseases, purify our mind and it has the ability to turn the chanter into a luminous effigy.

om namah shivaya

It should be chanted for either 11, 108 or 1008 times.

So now you know how these Vedic Mantras are important.

Consult a learned Guru to check which deity should be worshipped, and which Hymn should be chanted.

Follow their instructions properly and have faith in your duties as well as worship.

And you will witness the doors of Love, health and wealth open before your very eyes.

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