Know What is OM and Its Effects 

OM is the king of Mantras. Om is the most primitive structure of all gods. Since we are idol worshipers, we need some image in front of us when we chant Mantras.

But if you just think, feel, visualize and chant OM, you will get benefits of all Mantras. Such is the power of OM. 

what is om
  • Om consists of three alphabets, A, U, and M. These three alphabets represent Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. 
  • If you want to chant any Mantra, it should be prefixed by ॐ. 
  • It is the ultimate Bij Mantra. As we know, Bij is the power of any whole Mantra. Thus, It enhances the power of that particular Mantra. 
  • It is said that Brahma performed penance for the beginning of this universe. 
  • He chanted ॐ for his 12 years. In human terms that’s 37,32,480 crores years! 
  • After that he heard the reverberation of OM and Gayatri all throughout the reality. 
  • From this sound and his atman, he created our solar system which contains our world.

Effect of OM

The smaller the Mantra the greater is its power. We know that big things which are called ‘jad’ are loosely bonded whereas small things which have more concentration and are called ‘sukshm’.

So, of all the Mantras, OM is the smallest but the most powerful. 

  • The Mantra has Maatras i.e. vowels. OM has 3 and ½ Maatras. That are A, U, and M and the ½ is Anuswara. 
  • It has further 16 Mantras and each Mantra has four divisions.
  • Each division is divided into purush and prakriti. Thus, further division of these vowels coincides with our number of sensory nerves. 
  • Thus, by chanting OM these nerves are activated and become strong. 
  • The chanting of OM [systematically] affects our organs from toe, feet, femur, legs, hips waist, chest, shoulders, neck, spinal cord, medulla oblongata, pituitary gland and brain, eyes, ears, tongue, teeth, where our sensory nerves are active.
  • The ‘M’ of OM affects our pituitary gland. 
  • It controls our other glands, such as hypothalamus, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, pineal, reproductive glands and pancreas.
  • So the hormones in our body are regulated and overall health is maintained. 
  • The stimulation of hypothalamus due to the sound waves emanating from the pronunciation of ‘M’ helps in controlling our negative emotions like anger, sorrow, misery and jealousy effectively. 
  • Eventually, the diseases caused due to such emotions can be prevented in advance.

What is OM
OM as a Beej Mantra- A Mahamantra

  • Like other seed or beej Mantras “Om” which is elemental to every Mantra which signifies both void and infinity at the same time. 
  • It comes in the category of Mahamantra and is considered as the basic life force in this universe and is a cosmic vibration which doesn’t need anyone for its creation. 
  • It is the basic or the fundamental frequency of every natural thing in this world. 
  • When prefixed with all other Mantras it provides the manifestation of cosmic energy to other Hymns and is immensely powerful.


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